Get protected unless you think "It’ll never happen to me"

That’s what we all think when we are sitting comfortably. Yet, what if something happens beyond your control and you haven’t adequate protection? The consequences can be life-changing. And not in a good way.

Protection is so important for all aspects of our lives. Take control of your life and protect you, your family and your business. Don’t leave it to chance.

The coffee test

Protection might be all right in theory. You might point out that your financial commitments are stretching you to the limit. Yet, the money you need might be there without you realising. How often in an average week do you buy a cup of coffee? Two a day during your working week could add up to £22. Times that by the number you have over a working year. What about pints per week? Glasses of wine? That weekly magazine? All these little extras that you take for granted can add up to a lot of money. Cut them down a bit and you could adequately protect you and your family.

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How much protection will I need?

At Penda, we know that everyone’s situation is unique. Let us calculate how much protection you will need and how much it will cost you.

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“When I became seriously ill I realised how important Penda’s protection advice had been. Now my wife has the finances to cope and I don’t have that to worry about.” Mr Surtees, Alnwick

*All case studies are from real people who are Penda clients. For privacy, their names have been changed.

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